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Monday, October 17, 2011

First day back working out

I have to say being back on the workout wagon while tough feels good.  I feel so much better and relaxed after my sweat session :).  Course it kicked my butt and I am seriously out of shape.  Everything feels like a limp noodle now.  But I did it.  I jumped back on the workout wagon.  Here are my beginning stats.  I have to get Chris to check my chest measurement and take a new "before" picture but those will be tonight.
Height 5'4"
Weight 190.8 (down from 197 1 week PP)
Arms 13 (both) flexed
Chest about 44.5"
Belly (measured above the belly button) 43.5"
Hips 47.5 (down from 49 1 week PP)
Thighs 25.5
Body fat % 37.7 according to my scale no idea how accurate it is.  An online site says 53.42% either way its high right now.

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