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Friday, June 18, 2010

Better week

So this week is going better. As I start to end week 2 after my two week break I am seeing the energy coming back and the drive to work out coming back. Its nice to see. My eating still needs help but one thing at a time. Let a girl pms :). So I am holding steady for weight, no gain this week. But no loss either. Hopefully if I can get my eating under control I can start a downward motion again. I did my 48 min video tonight and am glad I did. I feel great. My running is going ok. I am having some knee pain but that might be from the front lunges not the running. I went easy with that tonight so we will see how my run goes tomorrow. So next week should be even better and will just get better from there. I decided one pound a week is ok and that puts me at January 1, 2011 for my goal weight. Some weeks will be better than others I am sure :). But at least I am sticking to it this time even with a slight break and moving forward. I have a goal and will set some mini goals with rewards this weekend to keep me moving.

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