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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Broken foot

So that bad foot turned out to be a broken foot.  So I'm on crutches.  I'm getting a workout just getting around :).  But I'm trying not to just eat junk even while on the road.  It's been a challenge but I'm doing ok.  Sweet tea is my biggest vice it seems.  I should get my cast off next week and be able to start doing low impact stuff.  I'm also busy with yet another move and starting our farm.  So I'm sure a lot of my working out is going to revolve around farm work.  And that is totally ok.  I'm going to start riding my bike in the fall and walking/running as the temps come down.  Plus as the temperature comes down my foot should be on the mend enough to start putting more impact on it.  154 isn't bad though.

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