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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was so ready to start.  I had my workout clothes on when the flu hit me Monday night :(.  Lasted through Tuesday midday.  So I took those days off :( and then tonight I was really tired (stress).  But I did get a mini workout done.  It's how I started last time and I figure it worked then, and I will do it again.  Tonight I did the following:
90 jumping jacks
20 tricep dips
10 sit ups
30 second planks
30 squats
15 incline pushups
40 crunches
10 oblique crunches
20 standing calf raises

About 20 mins.  It's not great but it's a start.  I have to start somewhere.  I am hopeful that tomorrow I will get a shred video done and start the 30 day push to drop some weight and get out of the 160's and well into the lower 150s by the new year.  I'm not giving up on my goal.  But progress is progress.

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