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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Doing better

Made it to the gym three days last week. Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Had to work through lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. But it is better than the previous weeks while everyone was sick. I had gained a few pounds back but now am sitting at 164 so good for me. Hopeing to keep the downward movement. Looks like it will keep going. Just got to get to the gym more. I am watching what I am eating and being careful to eat in smaller portions. I haven't cut anything but soda out yet and that isn't working well either. Had some this morning. It was a late night early morning, lol. Oh well new week with new goals right? So goal for this week is to cut out sugary drinks including my starbucks addiction that has recently acted up. Also working to make it to the gym a minimum of 3 days but going for 4 as an improvement to last week. We shall see how it goes. Going to weight myself tomorrow morning to see how I am doing and then go from there. Clothes seem to be a little loser so maybe we are doing better than I think.

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